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Plataforma Legal Novo Banco

26/11/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

“First Bank Bonus” includes products related to Novobanco. The allocation of a bonus of 0.6% to the respective spread depends on the cumulative stock of the 2 listed products/services: Follow your daily life with novobanco Online. Make day-to-day account management convenient, fast, secure and online. When you make a transaction in novobanco Online and after entering the matrix positions, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone. Account deposits in support of the home loan agreement may be an account opened with novobanco or, if the customer prefers, with another credit institution operating in Portugal. These bonuses only apply when negotiating new home loans and not for contract changes. For home exchange, multisolution, self-contained garage, advance, non-resident foreign loans, there is no spread bonus for participation in the product. Flat rate – rate that remains unchanged for the specified period. The fixed interest rate is calculated administratively by novobanco and increased by the spread according to novobanco`s spread grid and case-by-case analysis of lending activity.

The fixed interest rate is disclosed daily, and the interest rate is in force in the contract set two days before the date of conclusion of the deed and the difference increased according to the grids of the mortgage offer of novobanco. “ESFG reiterates its view that the owner of Tranquility is its subsidiary Partran, despite Novo Banco`s allegations that ESFG considers to be legally unfounded,” ESFG said in a statement late Thursday. Indexed variable rate – Variable rate based on a market indexer (Euribor) plus a spread based on the spread share of the new bank and case-by-case analysis of lending activity. Indexation at 12 months. The rate during the first 12-month period is fixed and updated annually. The mechanism of these rates implies an increase or decrease in the value of benefits according to the change in the indexer. The indexer is calculated on the basis of the simple arithmetic average of the Euribor rates over 12 months of the working days of the month preceding the interest counting period, rounded to one thousandth. If the fourth decimal place is equal to or greater than five, rounding is done by excess and, if it is less than five, rounding is done by default. I have been in the mortgage process for eight months. In March, the process was accepted and the simplest part began, the examinations, the signatures of the guarantors, etc.

But after March it took 2 months for the act to be marked/done (it was canceled on the last day). The bank kept asking for new documents, documents that had already been delivered and that I was still sending. The saleswoman (my mother) does not live in the countryside, and she made a power of attorney in which she gave the second child all the powers. We sent the power of attorney to the bank, and the bank contacted the legal platform, approved the power of attorney, and found no problems. After 2 months to finally mark the date of the act (21/05), the Distrato is already done, I have already signed the check for the purchase, I saw the finances via IMI / IMT. All this so that on the eve of the act I receive an email from the bank stating that the act cannot be executed because the legal platform has decided that a statement is missing, because my brother`s power of attorney is not enough, because there is no way to prove that my mother has only 2 children, And he needs an explanation from the seller that she only has 2 children. It is shameful to note that after 2 months and the day before the notary decides that this declaration is missing, due to the situation of the virus, the seller can not travel, can not come to Portugal. I complained to the bank and they say they don`t have a contact number of the legal platform, contacts are made via email and the legal platform never responds to your emails but sent this email the day before after several attempts to contact the bank. My mother, when she bought her home/life insurance, she had to explain that she only had two children. It is also possible to check this information in finance/social security.

What is worse is that the bank states that this is only possible with this registrar, because the bank only works with this registrar, the legal platform. Since November I do the 1st simulation, in January the process began, and since March the act is delayed, so after marking it is necessary to cancel 20 days in advance, because the legal platform remembered that it lacks proof that the seller has only 2 children, which is already declared in finance / social security and life insurance. And at the moment, I still have the process, because other assessors claim that since it was the legal platform to request such a document, only they can send a draft as they planned, because if these assessors make the draft, it is possible that the same thing is not enough in the eyes of the legal platform. My mother can even less go to the Portuguese consulate in Germany to issue such a document, because it may not be as the legal platform wishes. Novobanco uses systems and technologies that comply with security protocols, ensure the codification of access data, access and information provided, and prevent their misuse by third parties. To learn more about security, click here. The SME Excelência status is awarded annually by IAPMEI in collaboration with Turismo de Portugal and the main banks operating in Portugal, Banco BPI, Banco Popular, Barclays, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Crédito Agrícola, Millenniumbcp, Montepio, Novo Banco and Santander Tetta and is part of a qualification program for companies launched by IAPMEI with the aim of: raise awareness and create financing conditions for the leading SME segment and increase competition. Companies with higher risk profiles, which are important development levers for the country`s economy and employment.

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