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Workplace Legal Advice Perth

13/12/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

MDC Legal`s team is comprised of unique and leading employment lawyers based in Perth. We offer a range of employment law services spanning the full spectrum of labour, personnel and labour law in Western Australia, domestically and overseas. We are aware that good employment and industrial relations advice in any business, whether small and medium-sized or large, is essential to comply with applicable legislation. This can be particularly difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises, which may not have their own legal space. There are Western Australian and Commonwealth workplace laws that cover pay, working conditions and the protection of employees from unfair or unlawful decisions to terminate their employment. Here`s the deal: Tang Law is a law firm founded and based in Perth, Western Australia. The company has grown and built a respectable name with a diverse clientele, both individually and commercially. The firm has helped hundreds of local and foreign clients find effective and affordable solutions to their legal problems. Tang Law provides a variety of services to individuals, small businesses and businesses in Australia and overseas. For more than 20 years, they have been advising individuals and companies. Whether you are an employer or an employee, Tang Law`s experienced labor lawyers can help you review claims and employment contracts. The law firm offers an initial personal consultation by phone or videoconference. Dwyer Durack has extensive experience representing and governing issues on the Fair Work Commission, the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Industrial Relations Commission and all state and federal courts.

From workplace bullying to labour relations and a number of other topics, our experienced lawyers are here to help. Not surprisingly, workplace issues abound, particularly in terms of understanding and interpreting the following laws, contracts, and agreements: Labor law encompasses a range of common laws, laws, and industry instruments (such as arbitration awards and company agreements) across state and federal borders. Labour law includes labour law and labour law, human resources, or human resource and cultural management, all of which constitute a complex and ever-evolving area of law. He has over 15 years of experience helping employees navigate workplace conflicts, receive compensation and reach settlements that help them get their working lives back on track. We support businesses and employees with legal resources, support and representation. Our goal is to provide you with clear and practical legal advice about the law and its procedures to help you make informed decisions about your employment matters. Our goal is to help you find a solution to your satisfaction and, if possible, avoid disputes. If necessary, our employment lawyers have the knowledge and experience to bring labour disputes to a hearing and represent you effectively before a court or administrative tribunal. Our labour relations lawyers will work closely with you to resolve your issue and can provide you with comprehensive legal advice if necessary.

At Dwyer Durack, we pride ourselves on active dispute resolution and practical problem solving, and our approach is to always take the time to understand you and your business, and then determine the most practical and cost-effective course of action. MDC Legal provides specialized labour relations solutions effectively and efficiently through high-quality legal services. Our employment lawyers have advised companies, government agencies and senior executives on the negotiation of employment contracts and corporate agreements. They have the knowledge and experience to advise and defend organisations in cases of unfair dismissal and other employment claims. They have also represented employees in various labour disputes. Our employment lawyers frequently appear in state and federal courts on unfair dismissal claims and advise and represent in the following areas of employment law: Here`s the case: MDC Legal is a law firm specializing in labor law and industrial relations. MDC Legal`s team is comprised of unique and leading employment lawyers based in Perth. They provide a range of employment law services covering the full spectrum of labour, personnel and labour law in Western Australia, domestically and overseas.

Your lawyer assists businesses and employees by providing legal resources, support and representation. Their employment lawyers come from different professional backgrounds. You`ll be able to provide faster, smarter, and more cost-effective solutions to your employment needs. They have practiced in a variety of areas of law, including specialty law firms, state and federal governments, national and international law firms, labor unions, and municipal law centers. Your lawyer will provide you with timely support services, strategic advice and positive results. MDC Legal offers fixed fee services that can be tailored to your needs. Minimize risk and improve workplace management and culture. Sylvia, who now provides legal support to Managing Director Peter Fraser, has a dual role within the firm as Senior Legal Assistant and Account Supervisor. In our legal practice, our guiding principle is to provide our clients with high quality legal services at affordable prices. Culshaw Miller Lawyers provides advice and assistance in a variety of workplace issues, including: Here`s the deal: MKI Legal is one of Perth`s leading law firms. The firm has extensive expertise and experience in handling numerous employment law issues and offers legal assistance for your personal and professional needs.

They have helped thousands of their clients resolve their employment law issues. MKI Legal advises on contentious and non-contentious matters. They advise employees, contractors and companies on all aspects of employment law. In addition, their team of experienced employment contract lawyers can conduct a review of your employment contract to inform you of the risks. MKI Legal is an expert to help you if you have been fired from your job. Your employees have advised thousands of employees on termination. Your lawyer prides himself on being able to provide quality services in a cost-effective manner. Contact them to have a free, no-obligation conversation about your business to see how they can help. “I would legally recommend MKI to any of my friends.” What We Do: Providing High-Quality and Cost-Effective Legal Services for Employment, HR and Workplace Solutions As an integral part of any company`s success, we also help executives and senior executives optimize their employment rights. We provide cost-effective legal services, human resources consulting and workplace solutions for employers and employees: Coronavirus or COVID-19 has the way Most of us are working, changing, including working from home and/or implementing social distancing practices in the workplace.

The way services are delivered has also changed, whether it`s an increased demand for online shopping or the shift from catering to catering. At Robertson Hayles Lawyers, our employment lawyers provide employers and employees with legal advice and representation in all employment matters. We are experts in enforcing complaints of discrimination, bullying and harassment and can help you achieve a positive outcome. We understand that hiring a lawyer can be a daunting and stressful task, especially when combined with a difficult situation you`re going through. Things can be uncertain if you are a business owner or an employee. We understand that, and we`re here to make it easy for you. Peter also practices and supervises the practice areas of labour, trade and dispute resolution law as required and has experience in these areas during his 20+ years of practice. Our team of dedicated lawyers understands that labour disputes involving employees can cause significant losses to a business if not handled proactively and correctly.

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