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Age Relaxation Rules of Govt. of India

29/09/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

1. Instructions allowing for a relaxation of the upper age limit for appointment to central civil posts/services for different categories of candidates have been issued from time to time These instructions shall apply only to civilian employees of the central administration performing civil functions and shall not apply to other categories of workers, including employees of autonomous/statutory institutions, central public sector enterprises, etc. The following paragraphs indicate the flexibility granted to the different categories of candidates: 4.1 A relaxation of the age of 10 years (15 years for SC/ST candidates and 13 years for OBC candidates) within the upper age limit is allowed to disabled persons who suffer from (a) blindness or visual impairment, (b) deafness and hearing loss (c) locomotor disability, including cerebral palsy, cured leprosy, dwarfism, victims of acid attacks and muscular dystrophy (d) autism, intellectual disability, specific learning disability and mental illness and (e) multiple disabilities in persons under clauses (a) to (d) including deafblindness in the case of direct employment in all central government civilian posts/services adapted to persons with such disabilities, provided that the maximum age of the applicant on the decisive day 56 years is not exceeded. 4.6 The above provisions do not apply to a post/service for which other specific provisions on age reduction are provided for in Chapter VIII of the Central Government Regulations and there are guidelines for the Age Relaxation for Government Employees. 6.1 The instructions of the Department of Personnel and Training provide that, in order to fill posts in groups C and D under the central government, which are filled through the Staff Selection Committee and the Employment Office, the upper age limit for widows, divorced women and women who are legally separated from their husbands and who are not remarried, up to the age of 35 (up to 40 years for members of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes). on the basis of the provisions of the relevant recruitment rules, subject to the presentation of a certified copy of the judgment/judgment of the competent court proving divorce or legal separation, there may be no relaxation of the level of education or the method of recruitment, as the case may be. In addition, this flexibility has been granted for the allocation of posts in groups “A” and “B”, unless recruitment takes place in the context of an open selection examination. (i) This document is a compilation of all relevant instructions on the subject of relaxing the upper age limit for direct recruitment into the central civil service or a public body and is therefore intended to serve as a guide without anyone having to refer to the old OM issued from time to time. If a reference to the corresponding MO is required, it can be accessed through the archives section of the DOPT website. Age relaxation should be done after advertising and the power supply can give more relaxation as needed. The current hiring is in line with the latest government guidelines, which will be extended by 5 years, so the new age limit for the reserve category is 43 and 38 for UR. 4.4 The definitions of the categories of disabilities for the purposes of age reduction will be in accordance with those of OM No. 36035/2/2017-Estt(Res) of this division of 15.01.2018.

Lol 15012/2/2010-Estt. D) Department of Personnel and Training of the Government of India********New Delhi, dated 27 March 2012 EX OFFICIO MEMORANDA Subject to:- Consolidated Orders to Relax the Age Limit for Various Categories of Civil Servants – with respect to the undersigned is responsible for drawing attention to Communication No. 2/101/72-Estt(D) of that Department of 07.03.1974 and to say: that since then, a series of instructions allowing flexibility at an advanced age, employees of the central administration to be hired in different categories of positions within the framework of the central administration have been issued. For the possibility of reference and guidance, the content of the MOs/important/relevant arrangements on this subject has been consolidated. The number and date of the original MOs have been referenced under each category to easily refer to the context. S.No.Category of persons to whom an age concession is authorized and O.M./notification number. Categories of bodies for which the age concession is eligibleField of application of the age concession1. Scheduled Castes and ScheduledTribesNotification No. 2/101/72-Estt(D) dated 07.03.1974All positions filled with DirectRecruitment5 years2. Other rear-facing classO.M. N° 43013/2/95-Estt. (SCT) of 25.01.1995 No 36012/22/93-Estt.

(SCT) of 22.10.1993All posts filled by direct recruitment3 years3. People with disabilitiesNo. 43019/28/86-Estt. (D) of 01.02.1999li with O.M. No. 36035/3/2004-Estt(Res.) of 29.12.2005(i) In the case of DirectRecruitmentto Group `Ç`anderstwhileGroup `D` (now MTS)10 years 2DoP&T`s O.M. No. 15012/2/2010-Estt. (D) of 27 March 2012 Posts(ii) In the case of recruitment of posts in groups Á` and B`B through open competitionsSC/ST Persons with disabilities 15 yearsOBC Persons with disabilities 13 yearscompromised OPERATORS O.M. No 36035/3/2004-Estt(Res.) of 29.12.2005In the case of direct recruitment in groups “A” and “B”, where recruitment is not carried out in the context of an open selection examination5 yearsSC/ST Disabled persons 10 yearsOBC Persons with disabilities 8 Years4.

Reduction of central administration staff Communication No 2/101/72-Estt(D) of 07.03.1974For posts filled by means other than UPS, on the basis of competitive examination tests, i.e. through job grants. of Indiaplus three years5. The purpose of the NCC`s full-time cadet trainers is to fill positions recruited through the NCC(a) Career Exchange licensed by the NCC plus three years after the end of their initial/extended termNotification No. 2/101/72-Estt(D) of 07.03.1974(b) dismissed from the NCC before the end of their initial/extended termNotification No. 2/101/72-Estt(D) of the 07.03.1974- do – Service at the NCC, plus three years, provided they have worked at the NCC at least six months before their release from O.M. No. 15012/2/2010-Estt of the NCC 3DoP&T. (D) of March 27, 20126.Ex-Personnel of the General Reserve Engineering ForceO.M.

No. 4/10/64-Estt(D) of 26.10.1964Notification No. 2/101/72-Estt(D) of 07.03.1974For positions filled by means other than UPS on the basis of competitions, i.e. filled by labour grantDuration in GREF plus 3 years7. Personnel of the territorial army who have served in the permanent staff of the territorial army unit or who have been designated to serve in accordance with Rule 33 of the A.T.A. for an uninterrupted period of at least six months.O.M. No. 4/6/64-Estt(D) of 11.02.1965 and Notification No. 2/101/1972-Estt(D) of 7.3.1974For positions filled by any means other than the UPSC on the basis of competitive tests, that is, for posts filled by the labour exchange, the total duration of the incorporated service, including periods interrupted in the territorial army plus three years8. Ex-soldiersNotification n° 39016/10/1979- Estt. (c)dated 15.12.1979Group C & former postsPaint service period plus 3 years9.

Disabled defence servicesPersonal care M.O. No 14/42/65-Estt(D) of 29.03.1966 and O.M. No 13/35/71-Estt. (C) of 24.12.1971O.M. No 39016/5/1981-Estt. (C) dated 21.02.1981(a) Positions in Group C & former D filled by EmploymentExchange45 years (50 years SC/ST)(b) Positions in Group A &B filled by means other than the audit of the competition45 years (50 years SC/ST)(c) All positions filled by the audit of the competition3 years (8 years for SC/ST) provided that they cannot be used, to use O.M. n° 15012/2/2010-Estt de 4DoP&T. (D) of 27 March 2012, a greater number of recruitment opportunities in a service or group of services than the maximum number of opportunities offered to any general candidate below the age limit.10. Former personnel of the Army Medical Corps (short-term regular duty officer)O.M. No.

4/3/55-RPS of 13.07.1956All job requirementsMedical qualification35 years11. Former soldiers ECO/SSCOO.M. n° 39016/15/79-Estt. ( C) of 07.09.1981O.M. No. 36034/8/88-Estt. (SCT) dated 19.05.1988Group A & BPostsServices/positions filled by direct recruitment in a manner other than the result of an open selection test carried out by UPSC throughout India, provided that (i) the continuous service rendered in the armed forces by a former soldier is not less than six months after the certificate (ii) the resulting age, after deduction of his age, is the prescribed age does not exceed the military service plus three years 5DoP&T`s O.M. No.

15012/2/2010-Estt. D) of 27 March 2012, the limitation of more than three years and iii) the condition prescribed in o.M. N° 39016/10/79-Esst. (C) dated 15.12.1979For appointment to a vacant post in Group A and Group BService/Posts made by direct recruitment on the basis of the results of one of the UPSCs, former service officers and appointed, including THE ECO/SSCO, who have completed at least 5 years of military service and have been released after the end of the mission (including those whose deployment is to be completed within 6 months), other than by dismissal or dismissal for physical incapacity due to five years. 6DoP&T`s O.M. n° 15012/2/2010-Estt. (D) of 27 March 2012Employment service or on eactivation.12. Departmental candidates with three years of uninterrupted service in the central governmentO.M. No.

15012/1/88-Esst. (D) of 30.01.1980 No 15012/1/88-Esst. (D) dated 20.05.1988For appointment to Group “C” differently “D” (now MTS posts) by direct recruitment in the same line or allied cadres Until the age of 40 (45 years for SC/ST)O.M. No. 15012/8/87-Estt. (D) of 15.10.1987O.M. No. 35014/4/79-Esst. (D) posts of 24.10.1985 in groups A and B filled by the UPSC (with the exception of those filled on the basis of a competitive examination) and posts exempted from the competence of the UPSC (if the recruitment is carried out by the organisation itself)5 years (for posts which are in the same line or in the same framework and which could be identified, that the service already provided in a given position will be useful for the efficient execution of Post13`s tasks.

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