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Passe Legal Centro

26/11/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

The virtual service channel operates exclusively by SMS to (83) 9 9986-0045, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In case of loss or theft, if it is a legal student card, it is enough to take CPF, an updated declaration of registration or a student card and the fee of R$ 16 at the headquarters of sintur. The website and the number (83) 3221-9092 are also available — Photo: Divulgação/Sintur-JP The pass works very simply: move the validation card closer to the bus and the turnstile will be released to allow access to the vehicle. The balance will be charged to the card and the validator will display the remaining balance on your screen. If it is the legal citizen card, just take CPF and the fee of R$ 16. The minimum reload of the student card is R$ 10. The Legal Student Pass falls into the category of users with access by facial biometrics and is issued only at the headquarters of sintur-JP on Rua Treze de Maio, in the center of João Pessoa or at the public market of Mangabeira. To do this, students must present an identity document, a CPF, a school card or a student card.

In order to guarantee the service to its employees, the company must register by sending the following data to the CNPJ card; responsible; Contact phone and e-mail. Legal Pass top-ups can be made online by issuing a bank receipt or with your credit card. However, those who prefer can recharge their batteries in person at one of the 80 physical service points scattered throughout the city (Student Legal Pass and Citizens). The electronic ticket card guarantees the integration of the time and a discount on the bus price. See the network of points of sale here. In addition to physical gas stations, Sintur-JP also offers the possibility to apply for the Legal Citizen Pass via WhatsApp under number 99986-0045. To find out the locations and opening hours of all points, simply click on the “Charging Station” link on the Sentur website. For the Citizen Legal Pass, simply go to a Sintur-JP service station, or by calling (83) 9 9986-0045, or even to one of our partner points, with the CPF and ID. In order to promote more concretely access to the city for the inhabitants of João Pessoa, the Union of Municipal Public Transport Companies (Sintur-JP) simplifies the steps to facilitate passenger traffic. The first and second means of the Legal Pass can be easily purchased at Sintur-JP or online. In addition, recharges can be done virtually or at points scattered throughout the city.

The great advantage of the implementation of the Legal Pass – Tipping and the registration of the elderly is the improvement of the public policy aimed at the beneficiaries, ensuring a quality service without affecting the value of the tariff. With this action, the City Council for the Rights of the Elderly, Sintur-JP and other related authorities have greater control over the number of people in this age group who use the service on a daily basis. The registration of elderly people using public transport takes place from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Mangabeira Cultural Centre, in the south of the capital, and is then promoted elsewhere. For registration, an official document with photo – identity card, CPF or CNH and proof of address. The free old age card is delivered on time and is free of charge. In accordance with the law, all persons over 65 years of age are entitled to free use of public transport. To further improve the service to this public, the Municipal Council for the Rights of the Elderly of João Pessoa, with the support of the Public Policy Center of MP / PB, SEMOB and Sintur-JP, promotes the registration of those who use public transport to provide the free legal pass card to the elderly. After registration, Sintur-JP takes care of the preparation and delivery of the voucher transport cards, also providing a username and password to recharge online.

Registration is optional and the use of the Legal Pass Gratuidade Idoso is not mandatory for boarding school for the elderly. However, with this exclusive card, seniors have more security and agility when boarding, as they no longer have to walk with the document with photo in hand to prove their age. More than 80 points of sale between their own stations and partners of the Union of Municipal Transport Companies of João Pessoa (Sintur-JP) can issue the legal pass. This card is intended for students aged at least seven, where it guarantees the right to use half a ticket in the municipal transport of João Pessoa. To register the employee, send the company data to the company data; Date of birth; CPF and employee ID. Sintur-JP registers elderly bus users — Photo: Divulgação/Sintur-JP With the Legal Pass Gratuity Idoso, seniors can enter through the front door like any other passenger without having to present a photo document to the driver. The Legal Pass is free and according to Sintur-JP, the initial minimum recharge of the citizen`s card is R$ 4 (reduced value of the ticket). In addition to João Pessoa, the Citizen Legal Pass can also be issued in the cities of Bayeux, Santa Rita and Cabedelo in the metropolitan area. To create the map, you must present the ID and cpf.

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