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27/11/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

IJllJS [International Journal of Law and Legal Jurisprudence Studies] is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal designed to enhance research in various legal disciplines. IJLLJS brings together judges, lawyers, academics, academics and law students. The journal is an effort to promote high-quality legal research. Short essays/articles have a more concise scope and focus on a specific topic, offering new perspectives and critical perspectives on the chosen topic. They provide clearly identifiable arguments and can provide different ways to conceptualize the chosen topic. The aim is to provide a readable and valuable complement to the literature that will serve as an indispensable reference work in the years to come. The cover of the journal includes all new theoretical and experimental discoveries in the field of law. The journal also encourages the submission of critical review articles covering the progress of recent research. LawBhoomi is an online portal “for law learners” created by NLU graduates. An open-access portal that meets the needs of each law student and provides up-to-date updates on legal options, legal notes, exam notes, career advice and interviews with well-known lawyers.

LawBhoomi has also taken the initiative to organize free law competitions for law students to recognize and reward their skills. The various online competitions regularly organized by LawBhoomi include quizzes, essay writing, CV creation, case summaries, poster competitions, etc. LawBhoomi accepts blog submissions on an ongoing basis on law-related topics. The blog accepts contributions from students, academics, lawyers, and other distinguished members of the legal fraternity. LawBhoomi welcomes ongoing submissions on law-related topics. You can submit as many articles as you want. The author of the best article of the month receives Rs 1000. Articles are published for FREE with the appropriate photo credits. The best authors are offered internship opportunities! Enable the development of legal intellect, critical analysis and quality research by promoting original legal writing. Provide a detailed conceptualization of the socio-economic phenomenon and its interaction with law and policy. What information should be included? Please send your submission to [email protected] and follow the instructions below.

Participants can choose any topic related to law. The full content (body of the email) should be between 300 and 4,000 words. Publication of the article: Within 12 days of the date of submission. Engage critically and intellectually with contemporary issues and the discourse surrounding them. ** Do not fall victim to journals that make false claims about their indexing in different databases. Promote interdisciplinary and comparative research to develop a holistic and multidimensional approach to the complex problems of today`s society. Manuscripts for publication in IJLLJS are selected through rigorous peer review to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance and readability. IJLLJS aims to cover the latest outstanding developments in the field of law. Submissions in this category are expected to comprehensively address the topic and literature of a particular topic.

The article should review current practice in this area, identify gaps and provide innovative reassessment and constructive suggestions. Theoretical pieces are also welcome in this category. * Check out our Manupatra, Google Scholar & ROAD indexing by clicking on the buttons above. The full content of the post should be in the body of the email. Brochures, other documents and images can be sent as attachments. (Please send content in text/word format. PDF files do not allow us to copy content). Please include the original event/opportunity URL at the bottom of the email (if available) Notice of approval/rejection: Within 5 days of submission date This category is intended for the analysis of contemporary court decisions, legislation or policy proposals.

The notes and observations trace the cases in which the decision was taken and comment on their impact on the development of this field. Similarly, a legislative comment or policy proposal must indicate the objective and expected impact of the legislation or policy proposal concerned. The IJLLR invites authors from all over India and around the world to contribute their scientific writings to publication. Volume: Volume IV, Number IV| Topic: Law and related disciplines.

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