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02/12/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

The result of the review is an indicative overview of the legal status of the company from a Swedish legal point of view, which is described in detail in a written report. The report is based on our identification of deviations from the assessment of certain predefined legal assumptions that we consider to be of particular interest to start-ups from an investor perspective. We believe that lawyers and legal departments must always be in tune with the business environment. That`s why we work closely with our clients, like an outsourced legal department that participates in clients` day-to-day activities. Whatever the challenge – from large established companies to fast-growing start-ups – peace in all depths. An AI legal development unit run as an independent business is more convenient and allows for more flexibility. Developing and deploying AI legal solutions and services as a law firm is more challenging due to the strict rules of the Swedish Bar Association. As an independent legal AI firm, we also offer software development and data engineering services and are open to legal technology collaborations with law firms, software providers and large international corporations. Synch Law is a legal services firm based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Synch remains an innovative, technology-driven leading European law firm that will continue to generate many exciting projects and ideas. Synch also has a very strong and internationally recognized legal expertise in the fields of legal technology, intellectual property and e-commerce. During the start-up phase, you will have access to a dedicated team within Synch to discuss general corporate, labour and commercial law issues at a high level. Financing a business can take many forms, all with their own challenges. From risk financing (debt or equity) to asset provision, resources and skills, the challenge is choosing the right one for you. Mergers and acquisitions will challenge even the most accomplished entrepreneurs. We create significant added value by using our legal tools and negotiation tactics. It will provide practical, out-of-the-box legal AI solutions, such as Maigon DPA for expedited review of data processing agreements and Maigon PPC, which verifies GDPR compliance of data protection policies. Maigon focuses on providing digital services that automate some of the repetitive legal work. All of Maigon`s AI solutions are available via a web interface or email, and integrating them into customers` workflows, whether remote or not, is simple and seamless.

By providing strategic and legal advice to clients in a variety of regulated business areas such as telecommunications, life sciences and financial services, we help you stay ahead of the curve. Our expertise includes data and consumer protection, advising on the license application process and drafting compliance policies such as anti-money laundering and know-your-customer policies. A solid legal basis is an essential element for the continued success of any business. Will Synch continue to work in legal technology? Precautions avoid most disputes, but if you are involved in a dispute, we will provide you with the necessary shields. We have even planned collaborations in non-English-speaking markets: our language-independent AI models can help automate legal work in jurisdictions where the presence of legal AI is very weak or virtually non-existent. Create an exceptional profile to have your ranking recognized by legal buyers Synch`s early product review is a packaged due diligence service for investors or early-stage companies. By immersing ourselves in our clients` processes, we not only help when litigation is a fact, but we also take precautions in risk assessment and strategic planning. Our goal is to ensure that you are well positioned to safely handle any potential future dispute or settlement discussion. Save my name, email address, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The financing of growing companies continues as Onna pockets $ 27 million to claim its profile to meet buyers, investors and analysts.

Synch has a growing client base and a strong international brand, and the law firm will be one of Maigon`s partners from day one. Synch`s core team will remain with the company. I completely moved to Maigon as CTO. Synch Law is headquartered at Birger Jarlsgatan 6, Stockholm. Don`t let your products be ignored. Buyers use our supplier rankings to pre-screen companies and generate tenders. As for Synch, as a law firm with a strong digital presence, Synch was technologically ready for such a scenario from the get-go. Digital customer portals and collaboration tools have minimized the impact of COVID-19 on customers. In addition, as part of Maigon`s website, we have introduced a free COVID-19 clause extraction tool that allows force majeure clauses to be immediately highlighted in any type of contract. We also assist in the day-to-day work related to employment, whether it is employee or consulting contracts, company policies, reorganisations, company transfers, redundancies, consultations with trade unions or issues relating to the working environment.

Clear expectations, the right incentives, and a great culture foster engagement and a successful business. We`re here to guide you through different options to strengthen relationships with your key employees. Reach 1000 buyers who use CB Insights to identify suppliers, test products, and make purchasing decisions. WeSynch Corporate consists of modules such as contract management, board site, global electronic signature and automatically generated documents that can be used together or standalone. Synch helps you implement internal policies, implement a whistleblowing policy, train management and employees, and more. Maigon is a standalone software company that acquired the software intellectual property from Synch and continues to grow. The new company was founded by the founders of Synch and co-founded by the head of the digital department Magnus Sundqvist and myself as head of software development. As an integral part of the investment ecosystem with an extensive network of early-stage investors and crowdfunding players, we take your equity and debt projects very seriously.

Stay calm while we indicate the options and stay true to your vision. When you join Synch, you are part of a team of renowned and highly rated experts in their field. Once you are up to date, you will receive ongoing training through our SynchGrowth training program and business management in general. If you share our vision and strive to go further, we look forward to hearing from you. Acted for ValidAlpha in connection with the successful registration as an alternative investment fund with the Swedish FSA. ValidAlpha is an AI-driven cryptocurrency trading fund. Employees are the most important asset and the human connection between your customers and the company. Enroll Sweden offers a full service for the formation of a limited liability company in Sweden. We have top priorities. First: our existing customers who have used Maigon DPA in their workflows.

We are currently developing custom platform versions for separate customers (e.g. Maigon DPA Playbook). From rights issuances to incentive programs, support for the organization of shareholder meetings, support in contacts with Nasdaq and other markets, we are the first point of contact for financial market advice.

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