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Bj`s Legal Counsel

04/10/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

That`s what Graham has brought Luce to the table since joining the team as General Counsel, Senior Vice President and General Secretary of BJ in the spring of 2015. BJ`s was also a general counsel with no retail experience, and when Luce was looking for a steep learning curve, he found it. An already strong and experienced legal team, as well as mentors in other departments, helped acclimatize the new General Counsel. Interestingly, when Luce grew up as the son of a lawyer in the town of Farmington in central Maine, he wasn`t initially drawn to the idea of a legal career. His father even encouraged him to take a different path, as he rightly thought that legal work in small towns would not match his son`s restless nature. What competing retailers can take offense at, especially when BJ promises “up to 25% off grocery prices,” as is the case on its website and other media platforms. For reasons of legality, reputation and simple honesty, BJ`s must be prepared to substantiate these claims, which requires a mix of business and legal acumen. “When I walked in, I knew the legal team wasn`t going to let me burn down the house while I learned the ins and outs of retail,” Luce laughs, adding that a long-standing relationship with outside lawyers, the notable Foley & Lardner, contributed to his on-the-job learning. “Thanks to them, I upgraded after almost 15 years in global consulting as a retail lawyer. » Senior Real Estate Advisor The candidate will act as the Senior Real Estate Leasing and Transaction Advisor with respect to the retail locations, the distribution centre. Senior Legal Advisor The candidate will respond promptly to legal requests from the company`s various business lines, including merchandising, IT, ma. As different as these two industries may be, Luce always finds a common denominator, because the role of the Advocate General is just that: a generalist in all facets of the law that affect the company. This is what he is looking for when openings arise in his team.

“A legal affairs team with limited resources can`t afford to hire subject matter experts for everything,” he says. “Someone who is willing to be a legal professional is more valuable to a small team, to someone who is flexible when it comes to dealing with new problems. Someone smart and intellectually curious enough to see a new problem and say, “Interesting, I want to know what the answer is.” “The role of general counsel requires you to wear both hats – lawyer and businessman – because an important part of the role is to enable the company to take informed risks,” says the 1995 Boston University School of Law graduate, who served as assistant general counsel and general counsel of Bain & Co. for 15 years before BJ. Luce chose doeLEGAL`s ASCENT corporate legal management system, which can evolve over time with the needs of her own team at no additional cost. In addition to implementing e-invoicing, case management, and contract workflow, the ASCENT project team – which is now BJ`s support team – designed and implemented custom templates with radically improved efficiency. LawCrossing Archives is an amazing resource to help you find and find employers who are likely to hire someone like you, whether or not they have current job postings. Reviewing archived jobs is one of the smartest ways to find employers who have hired and needed people like you in the past – and who probably need someone like you again. Click here to learn from a leading recruiter how lawcrossing archives can benefit your legal career.

Graham Luce is Senior Vice President, General Counsel of the Corporation. Mr. Luce joined the BJ Wholesale Club in 2015. He strategically advises senior management on corporate initiatives, complex business transactions and litigation, as well as on all aspects of corporate governance. He is also secretary of the company. Prior to joining BJs, Mr. Luce worked at Bain & Company, a management consulting firm, from 2000 to 2015 and at Goodwin Procter LLP, a global law firm, from 1995 to 2000. He holds a Juris Doctor from Boston University School of Law and a Bachelor of Political Science and Electrical Engineering from Tufts University. Luce spent the first five years of his career at Boston-based Goodwin Proctor focusing on venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs — areas that made him an attractive candidate when Bain decided to professionalize his legal department. BJ`s legal team has faced its own challenges on several technology fronts.

When Luce joined BJ`s, he found a legal function that still worked primarily with pen and paper and didn`t use technology to improve efficiency. In addition, the company quickly adopted new technologies to analyze purchase data, for example, and Luce recognized the need for the legal team to stay on top of things to provide sound legal advice. But Luce, with the help of his 12-person legal team and BJ`s communications department, built a preemptive defense that was not seriously challenged. Go ahead and promote prices aggressively and truthfully, he advised the brass. As long as the company can substantiate its claims, it should not be cautious in such a competitive business. “The solution we chose had the significant added benefit of serving as a legal e-invoicing platform, which allowed us to more effectively manage the expenses of external consultants. We brought in some of the most tech-savvy team members to become superusers of the new system, and they were able to teach and persuade the rest of the team until everyone could work comfortably in the new technology. “We are proud to work with Graham to help him achieve his goals for BJ`s legal department,” said Tom Russo, President and CEO of doeLEGAL. “Great teams come from great leaders.

We are proud to be part of the BJ team. » Senior Legal Counsel The candidate provides practical, business-oriented legal advice on all labour law matters, including hiring. “After 15 years, I felt that my learning curve was flattening a bit and that I was still early enough in my career to be able to do something completely different,” says Luce, now 48. I was often abroad – and I loved it – but I felt I needed to spend more time with my children. BJ`s was ideal because the company`s presence is in the eastern United States, which means a time zone and short flights when I have to travel. As a student at Tufts University, Luce studied the unlikely combination of electrical engineering and political science and wasn`t sure what direction he would take. Of course, it would be neither. Senior Legal Counsel – Commercial Employment The candidate negotiates, drafts and reviews complex commercial contracts, manages dispute resolution, partners. Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the rating Please let us know what you think about working with this law firm.

Do not disclose any personal information or details about your case. All reviews submitted will be shared with the law firm prior to publication. “One of the first things I realized was that we had to implement an IT solution for topic management and workflow, and move away from the previous model, where administrative assistants track everything in spreadsheets and manually distribute paper documents throughout the company,” he explains. Jeff Desroches is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of BJ`s Wholesale Club, Inc.

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