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Blink Health Legal

04/10/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

Blink Health, a well-funded New York-based digital health company that creates an online app and tool to help consumers find low prices for drugs, is targeting a $30 million lawsuit filed by one of its early investors, Michael Karsch, who claims the company and its founders are guilty of a series of illegal acts. including fraud. Obfuscation, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, fraudulent misrepresentation and violation of securities laws. According to its FAQ, Blink says it “makes a small percentage for every transaction on or in the Blink Health app.” But a statement from Blink Health implies that Karsch rightly regrets illegal processing by the company leading the lawsuit. However, Blink Health can be used by people in a variety of health insurance situations: and if you`re worried about your data privacy with Blink, you can sit back and relax. You do not need to disclose your email address, phone number, Facebook account or other personal information to benefit from the savings. The price of home delivery comes with free shipping and includes medications shipped to you by a licensed U.S. pharmacy that is a Blink`s partner. Similarly, you can use Blink if it`s cheaper, even if you have Medicare.

Once you have your virtual recipe, the company fills it out at the usual low prices and delivers directly to your door with free shipping. In the meantime, you should also read our article on 10 ways to save on prescription drugs. They claim that you are selling the same FDA-approved drug in pharmacies without lowering prices. Since it`s not insurance, it means there never is: But, according to the lawsuit, Karsch was deceived into believing that he was making a venture capital bridge financing that would be converted into equity, when in reality the Chaikens took it out as a $1 million loan that “they simply repaid even though the deals don`t have cash repayment terms, or in an alternative scenario, the company fails and Karsch gets zero. for its unsecured debt of $1 million. “Michael Karsch repeatedly demanded that his loan to the company be repaid with interest, and the company had the contractual right to do so,” a Blink Health spokesperson wrote in an email to MobiHealthNews. “After years of watching Blink`s success, including our latest round of funding, he now regrets his decision to get his money back more than two years ago. This is an attempt to shake up an innovative company that creates value for its customers, employees and shareholders. The allegations contained in the complaint are patently false, and we will vigorously defend ourselves in court against these baseless allegations. So you might have prescription drug coverage, but choose to pay with Blink instead — if that gives you a cheaper price than going through insurance.

Blink Health really differentiates itself from the competition in that it offers telemedicine services. It`s just another way to eliminate all the pain points to connect people to the medicines they need. To cancel a subscription, you can call 844-484-5109 or email [email protected]. Blink says the more people use its services, the better the discounts will be. “We never give away or sell personal information,” Blink notes in its FAQ. “We have implemented data security measures that comply with HIPAA security regulations.” You use it either as an app on your phone and/or as a website on your desktop computer. “In reality, the Chaiken used Karsch`s seed capital to build on their company`s valuation, and then sold Karsch`s shares behind his back to other venture capitalists who were unwilling to take karsch`s risks,” the lawsuit said. Blink Health is called “the cure for high drug prices” and is a discounted prescription service that gets discounts on the volume of 15,000 different drugs and passes the savings on to you.

The initial consultation costs only $5 and you get the first month of the prescription for free for one of the conditions listed above. After that, you`ll pay a recurring monthly fee of $9.95 plus the cost of a top-up. In this article, we will look at what makes Blink different, how it works, and which pharmacies it works with. We`ll also show you how much money Blink can save you on five common recipes. This is just a partial list of the many pharmacies that accept Blink. You can find a participating pharmacy in your area by searching the Blink Health website or app. The company goes on to say that its “business model and technology platform allow us to make a fair profit without raising drug prices for customers.” Further information on Blink Health`s privacy policy can be found here. As mentioned earlier, you also have GoodRx, RxSaver and SingleCare.

Be sure to compare these three in addition to Blink to get the best price for your medication needs. After all, no insurance? No problem.

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