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Optima Legal Mortgage Portal

25/11/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

Avoid this company. They never respond to messages. I also did not respond to my complaint. cannot call the complaints department and does not appear to respond to or investigate complaints. Nine days now and several emails and still no response from the complaints department. You missed your own mortgage term. A few weeks late because they misread the mortgage offer, etc. Completely useless and useless. They have no idea or desire to provide customer service. Well, finally a response to my complaint after eleven days. They recorded it as it had been received and gave themselves fourteen days to respond.

so 25 days in total not the 5 days promised on their site Nothing prepares you for the seriousness of this outfit. My case should have been a simple “no fee” mortgage – it turned out to be anything but good. They were so bad that I cancelled my application and took my business elsewhere. They will cost HSBC £ in lost revenue. I cannot say that they were not warned. Read the full review Avoid if these are offered to you in the mortgage and pay for good service. I have found that the service is slow and takes weeks and weeks to respond to paperwork or tasks. You can`t talk to a human through the portal and when you call, you never pass. This business caused unnecessary stress for a simple mortgage. I requested (via the portal) an update to the human contact, but this was ignored.

All I can say is that it should be avoided. Read the full review Absolutely shocking company, shocking portal, almost impossible to reach a consultant on phone lines. I waited 25 minutes waiting for the second day in a row and the line was dead. It is not possible to change the information on the site, although they send one email after another saying that the information has not been completed, but absolutely no way to change the information or enter anything, so the portal likes to log you out and make you constantly reset your password. Do not use this company. My home`s simple mortgage was approved 119 days ago – it is expected to be completed on February 1, 2019. I`m still not entirely convinced that this will happen! There`s nothing difficult about my mortgage, I just switch lenders and get a better deal. I`m glad I started the process so early, otherwise I`d be on the standard variable rate and pay too much. I`ve taken out a mortgage a few times and it`s always been a pretty quick process – this one took almost four months and when I.. Read the full review I have two ongoing cases and the service and work are terrible.

I misunderstood the number of withdrawals, made the portal obsolete and a letter informing me of a lack of funds in the order of £13,000 – it was around £130. Always waiting and unanswered to messages or emails – asked to complain about a rude response from one of their teams (Shohib?) and still nothing! If your suggested mortgage provider uses Optima, please think again about using it. From start to finish, the service was excellent and very quick to do. The only negative was a bit of a problem with the mortgage protection policy, as I felt pressured to accept it. I would recommend this company to others. My completion date is today. Nothing, on the phone for 48 minutes from now still pending.update after 52 minutes, the line became dead apart this portal was good and the case manager responded in time, not perfect, but not as bad as with some reviews here I`ve never had a company that has the “computer says no” setting as bad as this company. They were working on my mortgage and my banking mistake told them never to use it again. You can`t talk to a representative if they`re not proactively getting things done. They will wait 14 days for an answer, and then, when they get it, they will propose something else and wait again and so on.

I never got a reminder even though I called every day for 2 weeks. terrible What a waste! This company made so many mistakes in a process that should have been easy that I don`t know where to start. Your online portal is useless, I have not received a reply to any of my messages. The process seems 1 day under 2 months and during this time I received conflicting information everywhere. I was sent the same letter alerting me to a lack of funds on 4 different occasions, only to learn that it was a mistake and that I should ignore it. Even the final statement was a mess: I had 4 different emails with different scenarios, 3 of the letters didn`t make sense, only one seemed correct. Even more worrying, they sent the £110,000 cheque payment by post with a second-class stamp! That cheque did not arrive. We had followed their instructions to have the money sent by bank transfer and we were ignored. The seller has been waiting for his money for a week now and Optima tells me to give him a few more days. It has not escaped any of us that this money is not with the seller every day, someone else makes a profit with the interest he will acquire.

Honestly, I find it shocking, 110k in the post on a second-class stamp???! This organization should carry a health warning. I was offered a mortgage from Santander`s expiry date in March. I was granted a two-month extension until May because Covid prevented builders from bidding. Optima didn`t update the portal, so I messaged them, talked to the broker, and called to make sure the extension was discontinued. It was said that the mortgage had expired on the portal, but it was until May!! I sued them and told them to continue because I wanted this mortgage. They did not. and the mortgage offer has expired!!! They then tried to say that they didn`t have a completion date, so they hadn`t continued! What, an expiration date of May 5, a customer telling them via the portal and by phone to proceed as she wanted this mortgage??? The result is that I can`t have this mortgage offer now because the criteria have changed between times, leaving me completely in trouble, without money and all my plans and my life in ruins. Who are these faceless people? Are you awkwardly playing with people`s lives?.

It has been said that the remortgage process will take a maximum of two weeks, it is now two months. The mortgage with Halifax and Optima were recommended by them, believe me AVOID!!! Currently checking on all available websites, since Halifax even registers a complaint with them, I am still waiting for a solution. Read the full review Non-personalized legal advice focused on mass production. They do not have a permanent clerk, the specialists “work” on a rotating basis on the file, which does not create a sense of personal responsibility. Also, don`t expect a call from them. Read the full review I didn`t use Optima of my own free will, Halifax said I had it too. This is how these types of Ryanair-style law firms make their money. They take over a high volume of jobs from low-interest banks, but do not have customer service in the traditional sense. It is impossible to contact them or get clear information. They want you to use their “online” portal. It is a mess and contains conflicting information. It takes you SIX days to answer a question through the portal, and even then, it does.

Read the full review Not very good at all so far! I really regret not finding my own lawyers for my mortgage – please follow my advice and find yours. Apparently they are waiting for HM Land Regristry and check regularly, I spoke to HM Land Regristry today and they confirmed that all this was done a month ago! So what`s the stop? It`s another month, at least I`m paying over £500 for a mortgage whose interest rates are rising almost every month. Also, the person I spoke to on the phone today, we couldn`t understand each other – and I don`t think she had a clue what she was doing seemed nice enough, but with customer service like this, it`s shocking.

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