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Rules for Wife in Islam

29/11/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

Like the husband, the wife has a duty to protect the family. The most important of these are: The judge began to read the letters aloud. One of the letters indicated his overtime from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. Other letters also refer to his work, in which he is invited to attend certain seminars. The woman stepped forward and after seeing the letters, she said, “I searched his pockets every night, but I didn`t see any of those letters.” “One man committed suicide, his wife and mother-in-law. It was believed that the couple had had many quarrels and quarrels from the beginning of their marriage. On the night of the incident, the husband had been on his way home from work when the couple started another argument. The husband beat his wife and she decided to go to the police. Suddenly, the man took his gun, killed his wife, his mother-in-law, and then ended his life with a bullet. 88 The husband has the right to discipline his wife when she disobeys him in something good, not when she disobeys him in something sinful, for Allah has commanded to discipline women by leaving them in bed and beating them (easily and if it has an advantage) if they do not obey. Case (a): The man informs his wife that ten of his friends are coming to dinner on Friday night His wife, who has had bitter experiences with previous parties, suddenly becomes angry and protests to her husband.

After a detailed discussion and the husband`s plea, the reluctant wife agrees to arrange dinner for her guests. They spend their days and nights in a certain atmosphere of hustle and bustle and excitement until Friday. I wish I hadn`t gone to Muhammad`s wedding yesterday. You should have seen Rashid`s wife! What an outfit! Allah should give me the same happiness! Some men really love their women and buy them beautiful things. They are real husbands. When Rashid came in, everyone respected him. It is true that people are only interested in what you wear. What does it have that I don`t? Why should she show herself to me?! Oh yes, she`s lucky to have a husband who loves her, he`s not like you! It is now midnight and the woman is exhausted.

She hasn`t had a moment of rest since noon. In addition, she was not able to take care of the guests. A driver who has been on the road for a few nights, who has not had a decent sleep and has not eaten regularly, enters his home to rest and find peace and comfort with his family. Then, without sparing a moment, his wife begins to moan and moan: “What kind of life is this? Why are you leaving me with these children and where have you been? I have to do all the work myself because you`re not here to help. I`m tired of those naughty kids. Far from nakedness, driving is not a good job. You should either change jobs or support me. I can`t live like this anymore! The husband is trapped in an argument in which he cannot take sides. On one side is his wife, who wants to have an independent life without interference from the outside. Of course, he feels he has to support her and make her happy. But on the other hand, he thinks of his parents who helped him in his life and education and spent their own lives raising him.

He feels that his parents expect him to help them when they need and that it would not be fair to abandon them. Complaining to others, especially family members, about one`s own wife and sharing marital problems and disagreements that should only exist between husband and wife. Problems should only be disclosed to a third party if it is necessary for them to be involved and advise the couple, and not as a way to let off steam, as this would cause the woman to lose the respect of others. Another important task of a housewife is to feed her children. Health or illness, beauty or ugliness, even the good or bad mood and intelligence of children are all related to how they are fed. What are a woman`s rights vis-à-vis her husband according to the Qur`an and the Sunnah? Or what are the duties of a husband to his wife and vice versa? A beautiful hadith about how the wife reacts when the husband is angry with her, the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Your wives of the people of Paradise are the beloved and fruitful, those who are an enrichment for her husband, who, when her husband gets angry, comes and puts his hand in her husband`s hand and says: “I won`t taste sleep until you`re satisfied (with me).” (Bukhari) If a man finds his wife trustworthy to take care of his money, if he is sure that his wife is not wasting, and if he is sure that his hard-earned money will not be wasted, then he will work harder and not waste his money. The educated woman must manage family life in the best possible way. She should be proud of housekeeping and prove that an educated housewife is much better than an uneducated housewife. In her place, the husband took some letters out of his pocket, placed them on a counter in front of the judge and asked her to read them aloud to prove his innocence and put an end to his wife`s inappropriate attitude. The desire for respect is inherent, but not everyone is willing to give it voluntarily. Her husband is in contact with many people during the day when he is not at home. Some may be rude and offend him, which can eventually upset the person.

As a wife, he expects you to show respect and encouragement at home, strengthening his trampled ego. Denigrating, insulting and mocking the woman in front of others, especially children. If you want your children to be obedient and respectful, you must be a living example and teach them respect through actions, not mere words. Also, if he needed something himself, who else but his parents would help him and his family. As a result, he realizes that his best and most reliable friends are his parents and relatives. So the dilemma for a reasonable man is either to choose the woman and leave the parents, or vice versa; However, neither is possible. The daughter-in-law is forbidden for the father, and the mother-in-law, the daughter of the wife, the sister of the woman and the daughters of the brothers and sisters of the woman (nieces), aunts on the mother`s side and on the paternal side of the wife are forbidden for the husband. However, these are conditional prohibitions: “One person went to the prophet(s) and said, `I have a wife who always greets me when I come home, and who accompanies me to the door when I leave.

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