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Singapore Maid Rules and Regulations

30/11/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

But netizens were offended by the other regulations it established, including the fact that the maid is only allowed to use her phone at night for an hour “when the children are sleeping”. Failure to comply with these rules can result in the loss of your bail or worse, fines and jail time! Here are some laws about mothers that your employment agency may NOT have told you about, that you MUST know! One woman who decided to share a long list of rules her maid should follow on social media probably wasn`t expecting the next brickbats. Keep in mind that your housekeeper may be homesick, if you give her time to call home every day, she can be calm, reasonable and fair if you control cell phone use as well as internet usage. Setting a schedule for your housekeeper will ensure that she stays focused during working hours. You and your family should also respect the time they have to use their phones. This not only improves their attitude at work, but also their mental and emotional health. According to the Ministry of Labour, a cleaning lady is not allowed to work for another person or at another address. This means that you are not allowed to let your housekeeper work part-time for someone else, even if she has free time and wants to supplement her income. She is also not allowed to perform tasks that go beyond domestic and care work, not even for her sponsoring employer.

Under Singapore law, you can be held liable if your employee is found to be doing part-time or non-domestic work. As an employer, you can be blacklisted, which means that any future application to hire a domestic worker will be unsuccessful. Activities such as gardening, car washing, repair work and tutoring are not considered housework and are therefore not allowed. The Ministry of Labour provides some examples of limited household chores, including cooking for one`s employer`s groceries, working at a food stand, or working in one`s employer`s store. In 2005, an employer was accused of illegally using her housekeeper when she asked the foreign domestic worker to serve customers at her food stand. The employer was fined S$3,000 and his bail of $5,000 was also forfeited. Did you know? According to MOM regulations, each cleaning lady is entitled to one day of rest per week. In response to a March 30, 2017 opinion piece in the Straits Times, the Department of Labor (MOM) said in a statement on its website that it was “pretty clear” what a housekeeper can and cannot do.

For some of us, these house rules may be common sense. But since this isn`t necessarily basic knowledge for your domestic helpers, who come from different backgrounds and cultures, having ground rules from the start can avoid misunderstandings and dissatisfaction. It is advisable to discuss these rules during the interview session to see if she feels comfortable with them before hiring. We believe that good cooperation with your help benefits everyone and that she has the heart to work for you in the long term. By keeping up to date with the latest regulations regarding the employment of housekeepers in Singapore and your responsibilities as an employer, you can avoid getting into hot water with authority. Even if you are afraid that your maid will run away, you cannot use this method as a deterrent. Some illnesses are covered by your housekeeper`s insurance that you should have bought, others may not be (e.g. cold, flu, fever, etc.). This can cause the maid to flee, which leads to more problems and can cause you to lose the deposit. As an employer, you are responsible for your housekeeper`s medical needs.

This includes hospitalization, medication, treatment, etc. Therefore, you should take out health and accident insurance for your housekeeper. Hiring housekeepers in Singapore is quick and easy through online platforms or cleaning agencies. You just need to know the differences between transfer girls and new housekeepers. As an employer, you must provide your housekeeper with adequate housing that protects her from environmental influences such as sun, rain or strong winds. There should also be adequate ventilation, natural or mechanical. The premises must also be free of hazardous equipment or structures that could cause or injure them. It is important to know the laws that govern the employment of foreign domestic workers in Singapore. In order to avoid violations of applicable laws and to ensure that foreign domestic workers are treated fairly and equitably, it is imperative that the employer learns more about these regulations and their statements. Housekeepers should also be aware of these laws to protect their own interests and contact the relevant authorities if they are victims of any type of abuse. It is important to note that foreign domestic workers do not enjoy the protection of Singapore`s Employment Act, but their rights and interests are protected through the application of various laws and regulations. Every employer must comply with these laws and regulations, and violating them would be punishable.

This can be seen as preventing communication channels for the maid if she needs help from her authority or authorities. Your maid cannot sleep in the same room as an adult man. These include grandfathers, adult or adolescent men. Domestic workers are protected from sexual and physical abuse by the various laws and regulations enacted by the Singapore government. Psychological violence is also a type of violence among the violations committed during the employment of a foreign domestic worker in Singapore. Anyone arrested or charged with any of these illegal activities is punishable under Singapore law and may face severe penalties depending on the seriousness of the offence committed. The Singapore government encourages ordinary people to report such an incident when it occurs in front of their eyes. The government has created many different ways and methods by which victims, or someone who is aware of these crimes, can turn to the relevant authorities and punish perpetrators for their inhumane and unscrupulous behavior toward foreign domestic workers. In addition, employers would have to pay for a mattress, pillow and blanket, which cannot be deducted from the maid`s salary. NGOs in Singapore welcomed MOM`s new household rules and regulations in Singapore. However, there is still room for further strengthening of measures to prevent abuse by employers.

In addition, you must provide your maid with the necessary bedding such as a mattress, pillow and blanket, as well as toiletries and toiletries. Some of these house rules may seem like common sense to us. However, it doesn`t have to be basic knowledge for domestic workers from different backgrounds and cultures – having ground rules from the start can avoid misunderstandings and reduce safety and health risks. In exchange for your maid`s domestic help, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your foreign domestic workers during their period of employment. This includes the provision of adequate housing, adequate medical care, adequate meals and rest days. MOM also reminded people to report any maid abuse to [email protected] or call 6438-5122. Employers should provide their employees with a separate room. If this is not possible, they must ensure that there is enough space and privacy (many families let their maids share a room with their children). Under no circumstances should employees share a room with a person of the opposite sex, unless it is a small child. Rest days and holidays are important for all domestic workers and maids in Singapore.

We have listed all the rules for these special days here. As noted above, foreign domestic workers in Singapore are not covered under the Employment Act. The Employment of Foreign Labour Act aims to provide foreign domestic workers in Singapore with better rights and a better quality lifestyle to ensure their safety and comfort in their working environment. Under the Act, aid workers in Singapore were entitled to a weekly day of rest or compensation if they chose to work on that day.

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