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Umc Legal Department

04/12/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

Upon request, the District Attorney assists administration and staff in reviewing, developing and revising health policies and procedures, and provides legal advice regarding regulations that apply to government entities, as well as regulations that apply to hospital districts and health care providers. Below is a complete list of phone numbers by department. The District Attorney provides legal services related to the hospital district`s real estate transactions, including the sale, purchase, lease of real estate, and major estate proceedings. The district attorney also advises on construction contracts and the administration of construction contracts. 24-7.365 The District Attorney shall provide legal counsel upon request to advise hospital administrators on various sensitive matters, including patient consent, authorization to treat, legal capacity, transfer of patients, and instructions to physicians regarding suspension of life support procedures. The District Attorney provides and coordinates representation in litigation on behalf of and against the Hospital District, including contract disputes, wrongful termination claims, medical malpractice lawsuits, and general liability claims. *Patient information is not available on the Internet. University Hospital1800 W. Charleston Blvd.Las Vegas, NV 89102 EL PASO COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT – TEACHING HOSPITAL The District Attorney advises administration and staff on compliance requirements, oversees legal, regulatory, and licensing changes, and assists the Board in developing a legislative agenda for matters affecting health care operations. The District Attorney advises the Board of Directors and internal committees on various operational matters of health care facilities. In addition to complying with the Texas Open Meeting Act, the District Attorney also advises on compliance with the Texas Public Information Act and other standards prescribed by various regulatory and accreditation bodies.

The district attorney negotiates, drafts and reviews agreements with suppliers, government agencies and other third parties, and advises on contract interpretation. In addition, the district attorney advises the administration on procurement matters, including ethics and conflicts of interest.

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