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Whats the Definition of Eccentric

11/12/2022 | objavio Radio Gradačac

To his peers, he is an eccentric all-star who is taken in pity or cackled in a protective way as often as he is envied. Middle English excentryke “planetary orbit whose center is not the earth”, borrowed from the medieval Latin eccentricus, name derived from ecentricus, excentricus “(a planetary orbit in Ptolemaic astronomy) which does not have the earth exactly at its center” – more at the eccentric entry 1 But the man in these bulky clothes is even more eccentric. Eccentric comes from the Middle English from the medieval Latin word excentricus, but it ultimately derives from a combination of the Greek words ex, meaning “of”, and kentron, meaning “center”. The original meaning of eccentric in English was “not to have the same center” (as in “eccentric spheres”). In this sense, it is opposed to the concentric, which means “to have a common center” (as in “concentric circles”, one in the other). But since the 17th century, English speakers have also used eccentrically to describe those who are figuratively outside the center. It can also be used to describe something that does not follow a truly circular orbit, such as in “an eccentric orbit”. She was one of the richest women in the world and certainly the most eccentric noble woman of her time. From the Greek ekkentros, “outside the center”, this word originally had to do with the orbits of the planets that were easily unbalanced.

Eventually, people who were a little crazy came to be described as both an adjective and a noun: an eccentric is an unconventional and strange person. Imagine that they follow a slightly different orbit from the rest of society. Soon after, the eccentric and seemingly sleepless billionaire tweeted a bunch of other posts about Bitcoin. Strange, singular, unique, particular, eccentric, unpredictable, strange, picturesque, strangely significant to deviate from what is ordinary, ordinary or expected. The foreigner emphasizes the foreigner and can apply to the foreigner, the unnatural, the inexplicable. A journey full of strange views suggests individuality or mysterious strangeness. A unique sense of impending catastrophe involves singularity and being without known parallel. A unique career in the annals of science implies a pronounced peculiarity. The special status of the eccentric of the American First Lady indicates a large deviation from the usual or normal, especially in behavior.

The eccentric eating habits of preschoolers emphasize capricious and unpredictable wandering or deviation. A friend`s sudden erratic behavior applies to a deviation from the regular or expected. A strange sense of humor suggests an old-fashioned but pleasant curiosity. A picturesque fishing village represents what is rude, bizarre or barbaric. Fantasy fashion of the time Sometimes I wear my silk pajamas, when I go for a walk in the morning, does that make me eccentric? You`re more likely to encounter the adjective eccentric in a description of an unusual or eccentric person — like a distracted aunt who leaves her life`s savings to her cat. John N. Maffit, the well-known and eccentric Methodist preacher, died in Mobile. He`s just an eccentric Scotsman who doesn`t see why he should pay to cross a river he can cross for free. They united in their love for the Bills and the eccentrics. He`s been around long enough to know that life is much more eccentric than he is. While a planet moves in a circular orbit at a constant speed around the star, planets in eccentric orbits move faster when they are closer to the star. Boston Dynamics, the company best known for its eccentric videos of animal-like machines, has upgraded its classic robot dog Spot.

One of my most important mentors was a brilliant and eccentric rabbi from Bethesda, Maryland. The women Peterson photographed were weird, eccentric, irreverent and unconventionally pretty. Some of the “old Fogies” still remember Lorenzo Dow as one of the most eccentric men who ever lived. According to all the accounts that have been transmitted, he seems to have been a man of irregular habits and eccentric genius. borrowed from the medieval Latin ecentricus, eccentricus “not concentric with another circle, (a planetary orbit in Ptolemaic astronomy) that does not exactly have the earth at its center”, from the late Latin eccentros, eccentrus “not to have the earth in its center” (borrowed from the Greek ã kkentros, from ek- ec- + -kentros, adjective derived from kã©©ntron “sting, goat, tip, stationary point of a pair of compasses, center of a circle or sphere”) + Latin -icus -ic input 1 â more in middle entrance 1 Improve your test results with programs developed by experts.

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